Facing 70: Finding Peace in Being 'Real'

The wisdom of 'The Velveteen Rabbit' offers lessons as we age By Rhonda J. Miller for Next Avenue Sixty-nine hit me like a tornado, fast-moving and whipping up emotional debris.Small things. Cataracts and recommended surgery. “What if I can’t read, can’t drive and can’t work?” I catastrophized the possibilities in my mind as I reflected on my four decades as a public radio and print journalist. No Pulitzer or New York Times bestseller list, just small stories about people whose voices are not often heard, poor people, old people, refugees, hungry children. Enough to keep me thinking I might bring a bit of comfort, in my own small way, to at least a few deserving people.

“One adage about growing older is that you care less about what people think,” says Corley.

Another small medical issue arose. A crown needs to replaced at the edge of bone loss in my jaw.

Then a fever and a short, rare spell of not feeling well. Suddenly, I began to feel fragile, vulnerable to the ravages of age.

“It’s the beginning of falling apart,” I said fearfully to myself.

A Desire to Rise Above My Age