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Wellness Center
Exercise Class Descriptions

Aquatics Programs

Water Aerobics
Designed to stimulate and strengthen the heart, lungs and large muscle groups, this class is 45-minutes including:
• Warm-Up
• Stretch
• Total Body Exercises
• 20-25 minutes of moderate intensity aerobics
• Cool-Down
• Stretch

Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise
This class is 30-minutes
• Warm-Up
• Stretch
• Range of motion exercises exercising all joints from shoulders to toes

Open Swim (Exercise On Your Own):
Supervised informal, unstructured, workout time in the pool for water walking, lap swim, stretching and socializing.

Land-Based Programs


Sitting, standing, and walking movements to help improve and maintain balance.

Strength Training
Classes are designed to strengthen all major large muscle groups. They are effective for reconditioning muscle groups weakened by disuse or injury. 

Arthritis Class

Class works on increasing flexibility and strengthen all major large muscle groups.
• Arthritis Foundation Exercise class taught daily to residents in Healthcare, Assisted Living and Memory Lane

Bal-A-Vis-X: The Next Generation

Over 300 rhythmic exercises that incorporate the balance, vision & auditory systems. These exercises help integrate the three dimensions of the brain, including the brain hemispheres.

Use of the Fitness Room:
After a thorough orientation from a staff member, you may use any of the Fitness Room equipment.

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