Wellness Center

Exercise Class Descriptions

Aquatics Programs

Water Aerobics
Designed to stimulate and strengthen the heart, lungs and large muscle groups, this class is 60-minutes including:
• Warm-Up
• Stretch
• Total Body Exercises
• 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity aerobics
• Cool-Down
• Stretch

Arthritis Foundation Water Exercise
This class is 30-minutes
• Warm-Up
• Stretch
• Range of motion exercises exercising all joints from shoulders to toes

Open Swim (Exercise On Your Own):
Supervised informal, unstructured, workout time in the pool for water walking, lap swim, stretching and socializing.

Swimming Lessons:
Lessons are available for all ages from infants to adults, and for all skill levels from beginning to advanced swimmers. Many lesson formats are
available, including:
• Small Group
• Personalized Coaching
• Summer Swimming Lessons

Land-Based Programs

Aerobic exercise is a sustained exercise that stimulates and strengthens the heart and lungs. A variety of classes are taught, including, but not
limited to:
• Step Aerobics
• Balance Training


Strength Training
Classes are designed to strengthen all major large muscle groups. They are effective for reconditioning muscle groups weakened by disuse or injury. A variety of classes are taught, including, but not
limited to:
• Strength Training


Classes increase flexibility and strengthen all major large muscle groups.
Classes offered include:
• Arthritis Foundation Exercise class taught daily to residents in Healthcare, Assisted Living and Memory Lane

Bal-A-Vis-X: The Next Generation
Over 300 rhythmic exercises that incorporate the balance, vision & auditory systems. These exercises help integrate the three dimensions of the brain, including the brain hemispheres.

Use of the Fitness Room:
After a thorough orientation from a staff member, you may use any of the Fitness Room equipment.