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At Pine Village, we love to celebrate life together. 

We have several committees & groups that plan events throughout the year. Pine Village is blessed with so many team members, residents, and volunteers to help make holidays and events fun and uplifting!


Public events will be on our Home Page and on the Benefit Day Events page.

January 26th
March 5th
March 22nd
March 30th
May 11th
April 12th
August 9th
October 31st
December 5th
Chili & Cinnamon Roll Cookoff
Annual Corporate Meeting
Anchors Banquet
Easter Egg Hunt
Benefit Day Car Show
Benefit Day Pulled Pork & Rib Pre-Order Due

Benefit Day Bierock Supper
Benefit Day Supper & Auction
Community Trick or Treat
Resident Family Christmas Dinner

Thank you for making Pine Village a fun home for

our residents:

Benefit Day Committee, Social Committee, Auxiliary Committee,
Wellness Center, Life Enrichment

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