Freshen Up Your Space with Spring

The sights of spring can be refreshing and uplifting. Springtime represents rebirth and a fresh start. Here are some ways to freshen up your surroundings this season.

· Declutter your space. Less is more when it comes to a fresh look.

· Add some color. Lighter shades are uplifting. Changing your tablecloth, lampshades, pillows, dish towels, or art can give your space a facelift.

· Curtains can block or reveal. Opening the curtains or changing to a sheer curtain will brighten your space.

· Rearranging your furniture can give a new look to your room.

· Keep spring produce on the counter for beautiful and healthy snack.

The smell of spring is my favorite aspects of spring. Rain, fresh cut grass, and flowers are some of my favorites. Small changes around your house can impact your day in a big way.

· Open the windows.

· Bring the outdoors in.

· Change your soaps.

· Burn wax melts.

· Use diffusers.

· Make home-made potpourri. Get Green Be Well has great recipes for home-made potpourri using herbs, fruits, flowers, and spices.

The feel of the weather warming up is amazing. It is time to ditch the heavy blankets and clothes. As you pack away your winter wear, consi