Coronavirus: How to Prepare to Stay At Home

Here are some essentials you might want to have on hand

By Julio Ojeda-Zapata for Next Avenue

As the coronavirus spreads in this country, my wife and I have adopted a “don’t panic, but prepare” frame of mind.

About 80 people in this country were known to be infected by the scary virus in 13 states as I wrote this, with 14 known deaths. The numbers will almost certainly be higher by the time you read this.

This has triggered significant changes in how my wife and I live. After all, the virus’ mortality rate appears to steadily ramp up with age — and we’re in our late 50s. So I’ve been super cautious.

I’ve been working from home in recent days because I have some sort of mild, but persistent bug. It’s likely not COVID-19, but I have told my boss at the St. Paul Pioneer Press that I needed to play it safe.

Meanwhile, we are busily taking steps to ensure we can be self-sufficient for weeks at a time, if it comes to that.

I am staying away from malls and other crowded