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Thanks & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! For some a new year means a fresh start, a resolution, or a list of things to do. But, what if it just meant focus on one thing? If you happen to frequent our Wellness Center, you’ll see an interactive bulletin board that’s titled “What’s Your Word?” that was designed by Crystal Schwartz. The point is to pick one word, just one, to focus on.

For example your word might be Focus, because you need to reprioritize or zero in on just a few things and say no to others; or your word might be Growth, maybe you want to grow in your relationship with God, broaden your horizons, or grow professionally; another example might be Kindness, maybe you’re a real stinker to others who you don’t agree with and you are going to consciously choose kindness over frustration or agitation.

Back to the bulletin board - the interactive part is writing down your word, along with three action steps and a reason(s) why you chose this word. Even if you don’t frequent our Wellness Center, I would first encourage you to check it out, but second I would tell you this is still an activity you can do at home. “What’s Your Word?” is achievable – it’s only one word, so what are you waiting for, start that soul searching – what word did you choose for this year?

Be kind to one another!

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