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Pine Village to Host Part of Library Summer Reading Program

We so enjoy having children on campus and a few years ago we developed a partnership with the Moundridge Library and their summer reading program (SRP). We are so excited to welcome them back again this summer! “Build a Better World” is the theme this year and it kicks off on July 7 at 10 a.m. in the Wellness Center.

The 7-week series (5 hosted at Pine Village) will include games, activities, events, and rewards designed to encourage young readers to explore and participate in the world around them. Adam and Jill Robb will host the first session on July 7. Their program lets participants of all ages build, create, design and explore with several different activities that raise awareness of basic engineering practices and environmental stewardship.

The SRP will be back on campus on July 10 and 12 to learn about how our past shapes the world we live in today. Children will get to experience a bit of history through readings and stories shared by Pine Village residents!

Then, on August 4 Pine Village will host the SRP for a fast-paced Craft Blitz. This will include children and PV residents working through a series of mini craft projects that they get to take home, including a water bottle sensory globe and craft stick puzzle. The finale SRP will be on August 18th with a presentation by Exploration Place!

Children of all ages are encouraged to participate and you can sign up by contacting the Moundridge Public Library at 345.6355,, or dropping by at 220 S Christian.

Be kind to one another!

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