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Throwback Thursday

If you are on social media, then you’ve heard/read the term Throwback Thursday. For my article today, I’m throwing back to one of my article’s from last year. I had just finished reading “The Present” by Spencer Johnson, and still recommend reading it, if you haven’t yet. Plus, it’s a quick read with big font!

The main gist is to live in the present, stop looking to the past or worrying about the future – find contentment where you are, right now, in this moment. You can’t change the past nor control the future, so do your best to live in the here and now.

The one thing I hear most often from our residents is how time flies. They are living out their retirement years, but yet to most seems like just yesterday they were raising their children, or living life in ‘their prime.’ We are not guaranteed tomorrow, nor are our loved ones, so enjoy your time without worry – God is here.

As July approaches, I challenge you to take the remaining summer and live in the present – have a water fight in the heat, go visit family and friends you keeping saying you need to go see, read a book, finish a project, take lunch with your co-workers, go fishing – whatever it is in that moment, do it, make memories – Live in the present!

Be kind to one another!

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