Pine Village Says Thank You and Farewell to Administrator and Director of Nursing

Last Friday everyone at Pine Village said goodbye to two of our team members - Shelby Shaw, our Administrator and Jenna Lehrman, Director of Nursing. Both have served Pine Village for nearly 10 years, making Pine Village into what it is today. We wish them both well on their next adventures, everyone at Pine Village will miss you both!

Jenna joined the Pine Village team in 2011 and in addition to her nursing duties implemented a special dementia care program (BBET) that we continue to use today. In 2015 she was promoted to Director of Nursing. Her leadership skills were most evident when COVID hit back in March. Things were unfolding quickly as the virus was spreading and we were deciding how to respond. Every time CMS made a new recommendation it seemed like Jenna and her team had already done it!

Without Shelby, Pine Village literally might not be Pine Village! Shelby joined us as Director of Marketing in 2010, and the first thing we challenged her with was increasing census. We determined a name change was in order, and Shelby was instrumental in transitioning us from Memorial Home to Pine Village. In 2016 Shelby took over as Administrator when Jim Huxman retired. She led us into resident centered care including becoming a PEAK mentor home. Shelby provided excellent leadership through the current crisis, carrying the burden of protecting our residents and keeping staff going. Shelby we will miss your positive attitude and “Go Team!”

Thank you both for your years at Pine Village!

-Jason Stucky


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