Whether you enjoy playing cards, singing, or even washing windows, we will work to match your desires up with an area of need.  Our list of needs is always changing, but the current list includes leading residents in song, playing piano for activities, playing games with residents, performing live music during noon and evening meals, helping organize our library selections via the computer, helping out when we take residents on outside trips, teaching our residents how to use the computer and Wii gaming system, working with residents to build one-on-one relationships, washing windows, and many more.

Becoming a volunteer is as simple as calling Becki Yoder, Director of Wellness & Volunteer Coordinator, at 620-345.2901.  You can also e-mail Becki at becki.yoder@pinevillageks.org and she will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible.  After filling out a one page form detailing your areas of interest, you will be matched with one of those areas.

By volunteering as little as an hour a week, you can brighten the lives of our residents and make Pine Village an even better place to live!