Pine Village Bus Celebrates 1 year!


By Shelby Shaw


 We recently rolled over one year full of fun and travel with our Pine Village Bus. The Bus had been a dream for a long time and thanks to Fred Goering’s fund raising expertise and our generous donors it became a reality in April 2016!

We have traveled 2,300 miles and taken 303 people on more than 52 trips across the State. That’s roughly one trip per week! Additionally, the Bus has provided the opportunity to take residents to more individual trips including funerals, family functions or shopping trips just to name a few.

The Bus also regularly transports the Cradle to Crayons preschoolers to the Pine Village campus to take part in activities with the residents. Prior to the bus, the logistics of getting the children on campus were pretty complex and we also were limited on the number of residents we could take to Cradle to Crayons.

The Bus has been such a blessing for us, and has been key as we continue to make memories. Thanks again to all those who funded our Bus – we are forever grateful!

Be kind to one another!

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