Twas the Night Before Christmas Pine Village Style!

xmas-071Twas the Night Before Christmas Pine Village Style!

By Shelby Shaw



‘Twas the day before Christmas, when all through Pine Village

 Excitement was stirring for the upcoming day’s visits;

 The floors had been cleaned with care by Wendell,

 In anticipation for the extra company that would be there;

 The residents were napping in their beds;

 While visions of family, friends and Christmas dinner danced in their heads;

 And Bob praying for a sunny Christmas, while the weather report Shelby read

 Had everyone anticipating the fun day ahead,

 When in the Wellness Center there arose such a clatter,

 The residents all wondered what was that loud chatter?

 Away to the Wellness Center they ran like a flash,

 Jenna and Ashley leading the crew to the crash.

 The lights were too dim to make out the two,

 So Jeannie turned on the lights to get a better view,

 When what to their wondering eyes did appear,

 But what looked to be Santa grinning ear to ear !

 With a twinkle in the eye and movement so quick,

 The residents wandered was that the original St. Nick?!

 Santa seemed too fast and small framed!

 And when they were called by name:

 “Hello, Marlo! Hello, Pat! Hello Bus and Ben!

 Come in, Loyd! Come in Milo, Anne, and Ken!

 They knew who was in that Santa suit spreading Christmas cheer,

 Becki Yoder, while too skinny and short, did however bring jolly all year. 

 So the residents decided the alternative Santa they would take to

 In order to believe once more as little children do

 That the skinny Santa fill-in

 Was as real as any they had ever seen!

 So Christmas Eve cheer spread throughout

 As the residents and staff all began to celebrate without a doubt

 The love and friendship that Pine Village brings about!


Merry Christmas to all!


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