Thank You!

imgresThank you!

By Shelby Shaw



A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Benefit Day Events through the giving of their time, talent, energy or resources. While it wasn’t a record setting year, it was still a great success! Also, a big thanks to Randy and The Ledger for covering our events throughout the year.

The funds will go toward, but not cover all, the remodel and expansion of our kitchen. Our current kitchen is really tight; we’ve simply outgrown it, the storage space, the refrigerator and freezer spaces too.  Commercial kitchens are not my expertise, so I’ve been busy educating myself on the flow, things to keep in mind and trying to get best practice ideas and tips. We have toured some other area homes’ kitchens, and have received some really great advice.

For those of you who have remodeled your home kitchen you know it isn’t cheap, well a commercial kitchen really isn’t cheap! Making it even more important that we are diligent with our money, we do our research and make sure we are building a kitchenthat will serve us for many years to come.

A layout is still in the works, but will be finalized soon, then we will begin to raise additional funds. I know in my home, the kitchen is a hub of activity and the same is true at Pine Village. Kitchens create the food which create conversation, laughs, and memories. If you would like to be part of this, please contact our Director of Development, Fred Goering, or myself at 620.345.2901 – no gift is too small or too big!

Be kindto one another!

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